Sunday, August 29, 2010

A New kind of Story...

A lovely overcast Saturday morning opened my eyes to a new kind of "story." I was just waking up when my dad called to say that there was an Iraq soldier coming back from the war and there was a little "welcome home" surprise for him. I didn't really know what was going to happen, but it sounded very cool, so my mom drove me over to what I had always thought was just an ordinary street. She dropped me off and I walked over to my dad. He handed me an American flag, and we and about 20 or 25 other people waited for the arrival of this amazing hero.

After about ten minutes, we heard horns honking and people started saying "he's coming!" And so I stood off to the side of the street as two policemen on motorcycles drove by, and following them was a little black car. There was one man driving, and Elliot, the hero, sitting next to him. He had on a black shirt with a black jacket on, jeans, and sunglasses.

I would have never known that he was fighting for our country. He arrived and his mom gave him a big hug. There was a little ceremony, where a bunch of supporting groups were mentioned. One group that is big is the Blue Star Moms, which is an organization for mothers who have their children out in the war.

I would tell you all of the groups and all of the things that were mentioned, but this post would be too long! :)

Anyway, what I got out of it was amazing. This man who lived in an ordinary house in an ordinary town had volunteered to go out and fight for the country. One lady asked him when he was to go back, and he said the 21st. Then she asked how long he was going to still be in the service, and he said,

.... ....... . "Two years. I'm not done fighting yet."

Those words have just stayed in my head since yesterday. The bravery and courage in that young man is just out of this world.

As I said in the beginning, this opened my eyes to a new "story." I always talk about bravery and courage and heroes, but I don't usually think about the amazing soldiers at war right now. It just blows me away that that ordinary street with the one house that looks like every other house could have such an amazing and courageous story. I will never think of the war the same now that my mind will remember that there are soldiers out there, and that we are still fighting.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

One Awesome Day

The day started with waking up at 6:30 and driving to McDonald's where we rode our bikes to Shadow Cliffs to watch some of our friends in a small triathlon. It then continued in to riding home, and going to one place that my whole family loves: Starbucks! My dad and I played a couple rounds of my favorite game, chess where my castle lost their king a couple of times. (But don't worry, the king was not killed, just injured. He plans to be up and fighting again by tomorrow and he'll win next time). Anyway, the day continued with a lazy home day. We had been planing to go to the A's game. It was Donate Life night, and since I had a kidney transplant I was invited to go out on the field. I didn't really know what I was going to do out on the field, but I was still excited. We were invited to a barbecue where there were two men, Rob Combi and Jim Leahey who organized it. Rob told us what was going to happen. I was going to go out on the field, and run to a player that I was assigned to. We were to stay out there for the National Anthem and then get a ball signed and run back. I was very nervous.

After eating a lovely veggie burger, we were told that it was time. We walked down a couple flights of stairs and down, down, down, down! Finally, we were at the edge of the field. We were guiding by a lady named Melissa. She told us where each of us were going, and I was supposed to go to left field. I asked many questions because I did not want to run to the wrong place. And so, when Melissa told all of us (other kids who had transplants and me) to run, I ran to left field. However, there was no one there, and so I was supposed to run to center field. I was frustrated for a while, but now I realize that instead of being mad that I ran to the wrong place, I should feel fortunate because I got to run on the A's baseball field from left field to center field. :)

After all of that, I got to the guy who I was assigned to. I didn't really know much about the A's team, but after I realized that I was standing next to Rajai Davis during the National Anthem. He signed my baseball, and I ran back.

And that was a day I'll never forget. (:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Celebration is Here!

Yesterday was an amazing day: the one year anniversary of my kidney transplant. I can't believe it's been a whole year! I am so thankful that I have a had an incredible first year; no set backs or anything. Nothing! I am so fortunate for my good health. It was one year ago from July 13th that my aunt underwent life-threatening surgery to save my life. That's amazing and I will thank her everyday for the rest of my life. Being a donor can change someone's life. If you are thinking about being a donor, I really encourage you to do so.

It was amazing...yesterday my aunt and I were swimming, and having fun in the sun. We we were not in pain, we were not suffering. The only reminder of the transplant was a positive memory, the fact that it was over and we were both healthy and happy together for a fun day.

Also, July 10th was the four year anniversary of my scoliosis spinal fusion. I also can't believe it's been a full four years!

What are you celebrating this July?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I've been up to this week

I've had a busy week this week--well, not really but I have been doing a lot each day. On Monday my sister Green Gal and I rode our bikes to one of our favorite places...Starbucks! While we were on our way back, I was picking up speed and noticed how amazing it was to be out in the world--with cars, that made it dangerous-- and to feel like I was really part of society. I noticed how amazing it was to have legs that work and that I have the ability to ride a bike (not that I never had, but still) and be out as an individual. This was an amazing feeling. Now, I could have been mad because I was getting tired and we had a while home, but I focused on the positive. I encourage you to think like that some time, it was extraordinary. The next day, Tuesday, Green Gal, my mom, and I went over to Lucile Packard to get some of my bones checked out and a check up on my spine--can't believe my surgery was back in 2005! When we arrived it was like walking into a whole other world...a world as if "there's always a worse story than yours" was written all over it. There were children in wheel chairs and braces and all sorts of things for children that aren't able to walk. There were all sorts of things. Perspective just slapped me in the face! The appointment was at 3:45pm and we got out at about 6:15pm. (If you know the medical world, that's not surprising). After the appointment, we went to Max's Diner to have dinner with my aunt, my uncle, and my precious baby cousin, Patsy. It was very lovely to see them. :-) Then Wednesday was a stay-home day to get stuff done. Today Green Gal and I rode our bikes all over town. We went to Starbucks, Walgreens, Green Gal's best friends house, Cafe Main, then home. That's a lot of riding my bike! :)

Aside from all of that, I am currently reading Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and it's All Small Stuff by Richard Carlson. I encourage every living person (that means you!) to go and read this book! It's perfect for everyone because there's something in there that everyone in the world can improve on. Such as living in the moment, having patience, relaxing, practially everything that we need to be a happy person. It's a good, easy-to-read book and it's just...great!

Hope you have a great Friday and Weekend!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Story of an Amazing Girl

Is your life good? (Think about it carefully)

When I was at the Ronald McDonald house I met the cutest little girl named Kylora. When I first met her I was amazed. She was so polite and mature for a six-year-old. My mom and I were in front of the elevator and Kylora and her grandma came up. The doors opened and Kylora walked in with her arms behind her back. "Can you press three please," she asked in the most polite way. I pressed three and I was just gazing at her cute little face and her grown-up posture. That's when I first met her. As we continued our stay at the Ronald McDonald House, I learned that she had (and has) FSGS disease. She got a kidney transplant and this disease attached to her new kidney. For a whole year they fighted to get the disease off and just on June 2nd she had another kidney transplant but her new kidney had to be removed. She is now on dialysis.

So, is your life good? (Did you change your answer?)

In my opinion, the most unfair thing in the world is children that have to be in the hospital for long periods of time or even their whole life. This brings me back to, there is always a worse story than yours.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You Choose.

You know, I've been wondering. Why is it that us humans only look at the bad in things? Like, take the news for example. It's always bad. Isn't it? I mean, I know that bad things do happen in today's society, but many good things happen as well. I had a painful blood test this morning and I can't go to the 8th grade field trip to Six flags... and that could be all I think about today. But, then I could think of this: I am alive, I live in Pleasanton, I only had a little blood test as opposed to being in the hospital, I have a house, my parents have good jobs...the positive things are endless. What's positive in your life? Well, as I say many times, the fact that your reading this means you're pretty lucky. You have a computer or you have access to one. I know also that you can aren't have a working mind....what else? You tell me.

I would also like to add this. Don't let anyone ever affect your mood. There's no reason to. There's no reason to let one person get you down. That goes the same for putting down an idea. If you have an amazing idea, tell someone really close to you, someone you know that won't crush your amazing idea. Or, don't be the one to put someone down. Has that ever happened to you? It has to me, and it feels horrible. But don't get me wrong, I know what it's like to have a bad day.

So, what I'm trying to say here, is you choose. You choose to.... have a good time, or have a bad time. I need to start working on not letting people affect my mood. And yourself?

Hope you're having a good day...oh wait, you are. Hope you're not having a bad day...oh wait, you are. REMEMBER: You choose!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Must-See Shows

If you're a kid, or an adult in touch with your inner child, you must watch Spongebob Squarepants :)) It's hilariously stupid. (If you don't like movies like Napolian Dynamite, Dumb and Dumber, or anything with Jim Carry, I suggest you don't watch Spongebob. It's humor is in a way so that you must forget the fact that it's ludacris and doesn't make any sense at all)